Tub Bending Machine

Each bend sets compensation values, speed, and release times depending on the material.

  • The control system uses PLC to make the machine more user-friendly and advanced.
  • Data input: X, Y, Z coordinate values or Y,B, C can been treed directly The processing value is entered.
  • All data is entered by tapping the screen.
  • Memory capacity can store 1000 sets of elbow file data (expandable).
  • With power-off memory, the data can be saved permanently.
  • Manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation can be set.
  •  When trying to bend, you can use manual decomposition of the action, observe the interference point, modify the action.
  • Each bend can be set feed, bend back, tube 3 axis simultaneous action or different movements, avoid interference points, thereby improving production efficiency.
  • There is a mechanical reset to zero function.
  • The device is cooled by circulating pipe water. (Strong industrial cooler optional).
  • The elbow direction is clockwise (the reverse bender can be purchased as needed).
  • When the guide length can not meet the bending angle needs, the guide mold can be released back, re-clamped, to continue bending, direct to the desired bending angle.

Debuurring Machine

Can be customized according to the different requirements of customers

The deburring machine series equipment includes wide abrasive belts and universal roller brushes, single or multi-station combination polishing multi-function models. The equipment can realize one-pass processing to uniformly remove slag burrs formed by laser cutting, cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, stamping and machining, etc. of sheet metal. It is suitable for the pre-grinding, drilling, edge rounding and deburring of the metal sheet surface, and surface drawing. For the film-coated board, the galvanized board can achieve deburring processing without damaging the surface.

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